Launched CowboyZombies: The First Winning Shooting Game, Wild Wild Style

Launched CowboyZombies: The First Winning Shooting Game, Wild Wild Style

What is CowboyZombies?

The project used 7 well-known designers from around the world to carefully create designs and graphics, and it provides users with guns and knives to fight. It will provide players with 5 types of Cowboys/Cowgirls, and 4 types of Zombies as their enemies.

CowboyZombies Roadmap

The game is still in development, and the project itself is also extremely young. In fact, it is just about to hold a presale in early October. However, despite it being young, it is quickly attracting attention due to its unique gameplay, which is unlike anything that the market has to offer right now.

Story Highlights

  • Of course, the cryptocurrency’s angle at approaching gaming is offering some sort of opportunities, typically using a Play-to-Earn model. However, this is beginning to evolve, with projects now trying out different approaches, such as CowboyZombies’ new Shoot-to-Earn.

  • CowboyZombies is a Shoot-to-Earn game inspired by the TV show The Walking Dead, as well as a co-op action horror game Left 4 Dead. The game lets players take on the roles of Cowboys and Cowgirls and fend off the waves of zombies that are, of course, trying to eat them.

The project has a well-developed roadmap to follow, separated into several phases. Phase 1 is meant to bring smart contract audits, the launch of social media, whitelist competition, the development of the project’s website, and game testing, which includes activities that have mostly been completed so far.

The second half of phase 1 has yet to be completed, likely in weeks to come. These include a Presale on DxSale, a huge marketing campaign, a launch on PancakeSwap, a launch of NFT Zombie Battle and NFT Cowboy Marketplace, as well as listings on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

After that, Phase 2 will start, likely somewhere in early 2022, bringing another smart contract audit, this time by CertiK to increase the project’s legitimacy. Then, the project will release a new wave of NFT characters, introduce NFT farming, Cowboy Farming, and it will expand its team and increase the number of developers. Phase 2 should end with a big marketing campaign in China, which will use influencers to spread the word. Finally, Phase 3 will see the project’s cooperation with Game Studio to develop a mobile game, listings on CEXes, the launch of the mobile game, and a worldwide marketing campaign.

Conclusion CowboyZombies seems like a very unique zombie-inspired game that will combine the interesting approach to earning with the fun of gaming, and zombies as some of the most iconic monsters/enemies of the gaming world. The project itself seems to be well planned out, it aims to rely heavily on NFTs, but also to deliver a mobile game in order to increase its reach in the gaming community.

Most importantly, it will use a Shoot-to-Earn model, meaning that users are likely to be incentivized and rewarded for playing, which, naturally, opens up new opportunities for crypto gamers — a group that is rapidly increasing thanks to projects like this. All in all, it will be interesting to see how this project will develop over the following months and years, so do keep an eye out.