Leading Auto Detailing Lifestyle Lifestyle Chemical Boys Introducing Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax

Leading Auto Detailing Lifestyle Lifestyle Chemical Boys Introducing Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax

Lucent Spray Shine is a versatile formula that delivers stunning results on any color paintwork. It’s developed with Premium Synthetic Paint Gloss Intensifiers to give your vehicle’s paint unparalleled protection and a show car finish in seconds without any streaks or wax residues left behind. It’s also blended with specialty lubricants and slickening agents that help reduce static caused by surface friction, keeping customers’ cars cleaner for longer by repelling water, dust, dirt, and other contaminants, unlike other traditional quick detail sprays that create static electricity which can attract airborne dust, dirt, and pollen.

To use, mist a thin coat on any color paintwork, working one area at a time. Wipe off with a clean microfiber towel, flip the towel to the clean side and buff off to achieve a streak-free shine. As an added bonus, Lucent Spray Shine can also be used on wet and dry surfaces. Apply it after a wash as a perfect drying aid or on a slightly dusty vehicle to remove dust while enhancing shine and protection.


You can find Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax available for $19.99 on Chemical Guys’ website or at the Detail Garage nearest you.

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  • “We are excited to start the year with the launch of Lucent Spray Shine, an amazing new product, that has been requested by many – a product that adds instant shine to any color paintwork while also providing a surface that stays cleaner longer,” says Jennifer Olvera, Chemical Guys Brand Director. “Lucent Spray Shine will be the perfect product to add to your maintenance car wash routine for not only a brilliant shine, but also added protection.”

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