Letter to the Editor: Life before profit

Letter to the Editor: Life before profit

Currently there is an outcry from medical professionals with the courage to speak regarding the use of Remdesivir, they claim that the drug is the reason many are dying, not Covid symptoms.


But alas! Pfizer is working on their own version which will cost multiple times more than Ivermectin. Another conflict of interest, money over health.

The FDA has purposely not approved Ivermectin for Covid symptoms, and they are now forcing an import ban on the popular drug. They are potentially hurting people by protecting the financial interests of Gilead. This is a conflict of interest.

Story Highlights

  • Many critical thinking medical professionals agree with the WHO and reflect to previous studies where Remdesivir resulted in over a fifty percent mortality rate in test patients. They claim the drug slows kidney function which results in fluid build up that goes straight to the lungs, resulting in pneumonia. This is seen as Covid, and deaths are blamed on Covid.

  • Conversely, the WHO has labeled a different drug “essential” in world health, and it is called Ivermectin. Doctors are having spectacular results treating Covid symptoms using this super cheap and effective drug which has no side effects. But Whoa Mr. Ed!, the MSM, heavily financed by big pharma, has been abuzz with attack stories against Ivermectin, because it’s also used for horses, cattle, etc., and it’s cheap.

It’s time that Remdesivir be taken out of Covid treatment protocol and replaced with treatments like Ivermectin. Parts of India did this and Covid is on the run.

The whole Covid emergency was not an emergency, and EUA protocols like vaccines are not necessary or effective, they are impairing many sensitive people, which is not being mentioned. The cures were here the whole time, but money is in the way.

If people really care about health and safety of Americans, they should drop political bias and help cry out for a serious revision in pharmaceutical interventions for Covid symptoms. Advertisement

Robert MilneClio