Live Keynote by Steve Collar @ Satellite Innovation 2021 – SatNews

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Steve Collar is the CEO at SES and has been the CEO of SES Networks since May of 2017. SES Networks provides end-to-end network solutions to some of the world’s largest Telecommunications, Maritime, Aeronautical and Energy companies, as well as to Governments around the world.

Mr. Collar is a satellite industry veteran, having previously worked in a variety of commercial, business development and technical roles at SES WORLD SKIES, New Skies Satellites, Astrium and Matra Marconi Space (now Airbus).

Mr. Collar is a British national.

Story Highlights

  • Keynote will begin at 11:15 AM on October 5th.

  • Prior to SES Networks, Steve was the CEO of O3b Networks and guided the company through the successful build and launch of its constellation of state-of-the-art satellites. In 2015, O3b Networks became the fastest growing satellite operator in history. In 2016, O3b was fully acquired by SES and now forms an integral part of SES Networks.