Macon Head Space is hosting a pop-up mental health event

Macon Head Space is hosting a pop-up mental health event

“You don’t have to drive to Atlanta or Savannah, you can do it right here; and the activities I chose are just kind of alternative ways for you to make your own head space and to come up with your own formula to manage your mind,” Nancy Cleveland said. 

The morning started at 10 a.m. with tea and continued with yoga and poetry. It all wrapped up with participants making vision boards. 

“The thing I was looking forward to most was yoga, because I don’t think I really have a yoga-friendly body, but she makes it easier for anyone to do yoga; and anyone can benefit from yoga. And it’s a tie between that and the drum circle because the drum circle does so much to relieve stress and anxiety,” Johnson said. 

Several dozen people showed up, including Marcus Johnson, who says he’s proud to live in a city that sponsors and provides free mental health events. 

Story Highlights

  • MACON, Ga. — Saturday at Lake Tobesofkee, Macon Head Space and the Southern Center for Choice Theory hosted their second Mental Health Pop-up Gym event to help people relax and cope with stress. 

  • Cleveland started the event with Macon Head Space to help normalize mental health struggles and conversations. 

All participants also had a chance to speak with a therapist for free.

To find dates and times for future pop-up gyms, head over to Macon Head Space’s website or follow their page on Facebook.

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