Magic: The Gathering Introduces First Nonbinary Planeswalker


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Magic: The Gathering introduces its very first nonbinary planeswalker, Niko Aris, in the impending Kaldheim release. Wizards of the Coastline disclosed that Niko Aris is just one of two new planeswalkers debuting in the Viking and Norse mythology-motivated established in 2021. However debuting in Kaldheim, Niko hails from the Greek mythology-influenced aircraft of Theros. In a article on the Magic: The Gathering site, activity designer Chris Mooney reveals, ‘Niko is a new Planeswalker from the Airplane of Theros. Early in Niko’s lifetime, an oracle foresaw a fantastic future for Niko: they ended up destined to be a good athlete, an undefeated javelineer who would never ever miss a shot. Niko educated and competed for a lot of many years, but in all that time, they listened to tales and songs of heroes who would battle to protect individuals and began to question the future approved to them. Inevitably, Niko made a decision to problem destiny alone and, to the shock of lots of, purposefully dropped a competitiveness. The realization that they could management their own fate established Niko on their new route: a younger Planeswalker trying to get to turn out to be a true hero like they experienced usually dreamed.’

News: Magic: The Gathering Introduces First Nonbinary Planeswalker

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