Mars is a slow Bounty Christmas

Mars is a slow Bounty Christmas

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Ads come from unexpected places these days: Coca-Cola’s striking departure from Christmas tradition is from DentsuMB for example (MB being a long overdue rebrand of Dentsumcgarrybowen presumably) even though Coke has just spent two years deciding to give most of its work to WPP.

It’s a brave effort: do people get irony at Christmas? Maybe Aldi shows they do. But isn’t the Bounty just too, well, sad?

Now Mars has entrusted PR firm Taylor Herring (recently acquired by Publicis, Omnicom handles most Mars) with a minute and a half showing an unloved Bounty bar (apparently it’s the least popular in Mars’ Celebrations) connecting at Christmas with an equally unloved Brussels Sprout. Brussels are consumed by the tonne at Christmas, but never mind.

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Danger here is that you can fall into the trap of saying that only traditional creative agencies can make big ads. Unfortunately that’s often true.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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