Marvel fans are confused after military machine practices

Marvel fans are confused after military machine practices

Iron Man is for sure cool but damn I always loved War Machine as a kid

“It’s going to be interesting. We are just talking about what that show is going to be,” Cheadle previously explained to AP Entertainment. “We probably will start filming sometime next year and are just cracking the story right now. Deciding what that journey [is] going to look like, what the iteration of this is going to be. Obviously, if people know Armor Wars [from the comics] they know what the series is about. But it’s also figuring out how to establish and dig really deep into who Rhodey is because we haven’t really seen a lot of that in the movies.”

Some early hopes

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  • — L ⓧ G A N (@Sternness98) July 18, 2021

I’m not too big a fan of the way it’s been set up, but I’m hoping it’s gonna be great, also hope war machine gets some good development in this cause he’s been mid asf in the MCU

— Who Am I⁉️Bryan (@PresentDayBryan) July 18, 2021

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When did the zeitgeist switch Don Cheadle from “that weird replacement for War Machine in Iron Man 2” to “beloved cultural icon and acting lodestar” because I love that and it makes me laugh so hard
— WATCH BLAST FROM THE PAST (1999) (@sagemrad) July 18, 2021

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— ゆ.SSSS.Har (@dskymr) July 19, 2021 thanks for the performance, war machine remind why I missed their works in njpw #MITB