Matter’s Mailbag: Birds of Boo will not make fun of Mizzou’s Bazelak | Mizzou Sports News

  Matter's Mailbag: Birds of Boo will not make fun of Mizzou's Bazelak |  Mizzou Sports News

A: I expect him back unless the defense completely unravels in the next two games to the point where Drinkwitz doesn’t believe it can be salvaged. Now that things are clicking, the last thing you want to do is start over from scratch with a new coordinator, new scheme, new terminology, new everything — especially if all the newness led to the early struggles in the first place. Go back to that quote from Manuel. He’s the defensive team captain. That’s a pretty strong endorsement for Wilks to return. Plus, we haven’t even gotten into the financial piece. Mizzou doesn’t have millions lying around to pay buyouts and pay for new coordinators.

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  • Q: Does the improvement in the defense earn coach Wilks another year, or will Drink look to make a change? Also, does he deserve another year? #Mizzou – Stl MIZ, @Trock23