Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Gets Strong Support from Teammates


It was just four letters.

Again, this is much stronger than anything Tyreek Hill has said about Tua since joining the Kansas City Chiefs in a mega-trade back in March, and for a few reasons.

First of all, Hill is the most dynamic player on the team and arguably the best player as well, and there might be an argument that Xavien Howard is part of the discussion. But Hill isn’t afraid to exaggerate, and it’s clear that he sometimes exaggerates in his comments, such as Tua being the most accurate in the NFL. The metrics suggest he’s not the most accurate this season.

hills and exaggeration

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  • Although Holland didn’t hold a press conference after Saturday’s Open Fan Training session where Tagovailoa shone, he released a simple but powerful message on Twitter.

  • “We trust Tua.”

Another example of Hill’s exaggeration is his proposal that he and Jaylen Waddle form a duo with his wide receiver his fastest in NFL history. There’s no doubt this pair is fast, in fact very fast, but Hill seems to have forgotten his time in Kansas City.

Her 40-yard dash time alone on the Google Waddle she comes in with her 4.37. It’s actually a bit slower than Mekor Hardman, who comes in at 4.33. The point here is that Hill isn’t afraid to make bold statements on his podcasts and press conferences, even if the truth is sometimes exaggerated.

TUA teammates support in many ways As Hill himself said, one of his reasons for that is because he wants quarterbacks to have confidence.

Hill wasn’t the only one to say great things about Tagovailoa at the media session. But the point here is, as I said earlier, tributes from teammates at press conferences should be expected and seen in the proper context.