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Mrs. Chasse still loves teaching the future leaders of tomorrow valuable lessons.

Mrs. Chasse teaching some of her students inside her classroom.

“In second grade, they start to learn the coins, the names of them, the values, how to add the money together and also the importance of saving it,” said Mrs. Chasse.

One of this years lessons is about money, key reason why Mrs. Chasse set up a donors choose project. Mrs. Chasse’s donors choose project is entitled ‘Fun with Money Part 2’.

Story Highlights

  • For the past 16 years, Jennifer Chasse has taught every grade except kindergarten and 5th grade at Plymouth Center School. Mrs. Chasse is now teaching 2nd grade and is hoping to help her students learn about the importance of money.

  • “I love kids and I love when they experience that a-ha moment and watching the light bulb go off,” said Mrs. Chasse. “I like what I do and I like knowing that I’m making a difference in the future so it’s fun, it’s rewarding.”

‘Fun With Money Part 2’ is a continuation of her last donors choose project. With the help of donors, she was able to buy tangible items like magnetic money, flash cards and educational money games. Mrs. Chasse is hoping her latest donors choose project will help with student organization.

Some of the items Mrs. Chasse has been able to buy for her students to help improve their financial literacy skills.

“This project will help with folders, laminating, magnetics, markers all that stuff that we’re going to use when we’re learning about the money,” Mrs. Chasse said. Through the years, she’s come to understand the importance of donors choose and how the community shows up for teachers and studnets.

“You can get anything from Donors Choose, I’ve gotten electronics, basic stuff, books, I’ve filled our library with books that I’ve gotten from Donors Choose,” said Mrs. Chasse. One of her hopes with this project is for students to walk-away knowing how to count coins and dollars and learn how it can affect their life.

“Money runs the world including buying ice cream in the cafeteria,” Mrs. Chasse said. “Knowing how to count it and what to do with that money is super important.” If you would like to donate to Mrs. Chasse’s donors choose project, click here.