Mummified baboons shine new light on the lost land of Punt


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Historic Punt was a major investing lover of Egyptians for at least 1,100 yrs. It was an crucial source of luxurious items, including incense, gold, leopard skins, and dwelling baboons. Found someplace in the southern Red Sea region in possibly Africa or Arabia, scholars have debated its geographic locale for far more than 150 yrs. A new study tracing the geographic origins of Egyptian mummified baboons finds that they have been sourced from an place that contains the contemporary-working day international locations of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Dijbouti, Somalia, and Yemen, delivering new insight into Punt’s place. Posted in eLife, the results also show the huge nautical assortment of early Egyptian seafarers. A Dartmouth-led team of researchers which include primatologists, Egyptologists, geographers, and geochemists, worked together to analyze the isotope composition of baboons uncovered in historical Egyptian temples and tombs, and modern-day baboons from across japanese Africa and southern Arabia.

News: Mummified baboons shine new light on the lost land of Punt

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