My bloke brought his XBox to the birth of our baby

My bloke brought his XBox to the birth of our baby



In the clip, the then mum-to-be could be seen lying in the hospital bed before panning to her man, who’s wearing a headset as he plays.

Her followers were left outraged by his behaviourCredit: @anxietycouple/Tiktok

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  • Taking to their joint TikTok account Anxiety Couple, the mum shared a video of her now fiance keeping himself entertained.

  • A mum was left fuming after her partner brought an XBox to the hospital while she was in labourCredit: @anxietycouple/Tiktok

Speaking in the video, she said: “So I might go into labour today, and my boyfriend is doing this.

“Babe, why did you bring your XBox?”

“One game I promise,” he responds, before continuing his game.  Captioning, the video she wrote: “He’s going to miss his son’s birth due to that XBox.”

The video has since received over seven million views, with the couple’s followers left outraged by his behaviour.  “I’d be so embarrassed when the doctors came in?” said one.

Another agreed adding: “I play games and to me this is just disrespectful, he’s missing memories he should be having.” “I would be throwing hands,” commented a third.

“Lmao, we brought the XBox when I was in with our second one,” said another. I had a c-section with NO pain relief – it was the worst moment of my life and i’ll never have another baby

One wrote: “I honestly don’t mind that at all! I told my husband to bring the Switch so we can play Mario Kart when I go into labour.” However, there were a few who thought there was nothing wrong with it, admitting they would do the same.