Nacogdoches ISD receives grant funding to combat learning loss

Nacogdoches ISD receives grant funding to combat learning loss

“We’re not doing grade level interventions in one section and then below grade level interventions in another section,” said Corley. “But we are really scaffolding the instruction so that we know what students were supposed to learn in previous years and what they are supposed to know in the current year.”

“We want to make sure that we’ve got that student prepared,” said Linebarger. “Not only to do well this year, but what happens when they go to fourth grade for example next year. We want to lay that foundation that they can build upon.”

“Our teacher teams are able to collaborate and share and learn from each other,” said Corley. “And then we are also looking for prerequisite skills that our students need to be successful on that on-grade level content. That can include misconceptions and vocabulary development.”

Canvas, Seesaw, and a digital learning expectation plan are all tools the district has been using to succeed digitally. Now back in person, teacher lesson plans when students fall behind are also helped out by collaborative learning teams and professional learning communities. Their meetings are structured with specific questions to help the teachers not fall behind with lesson plans while still benefiting individual students that need the extra help.

Story Highlights

  • It is to be used for tutoring programs, classroom materials and overtime pay for teachers. Jolynn Corley, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Nac ISD, says the grant initiatives run in conjunction with systems already in place, with the goal of making up any lost ground.

  • Assessments from last spring help the district highlight the areas of greatest need based on achievement gaps. Les Linebarger, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, says the goal in the battle against COVID learning loss is to make sure students can maintain the needed level to advance.

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