NASA allocated $ 146 million to design the employer

NASA allocated $ 146 million to design the employer

In a statement, the US space agency said that with the help of the aforementioned companies it wants to “facilitate a constant rhythm of manned trips to the lunar surface” within the framework of the Artemis program and achieve “progress towards concepts of sustainable human landing systems.” .

The agency believes that its collaboration with the chosen companies will help shape the strategy and requirements necessary to transport astronauts to the surface of the Moon during manned missions on an industrial scale.

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Story Highlights

  • NASA’s investment aims to boost its Artemis program launched during Donald Trump’s tenure, with the aim of establishing a permanent human presence both on the surface and in the lunar orbit.

  • In addition to designing the lander and evaluating its performance, safety and crew health maintenance capabilities, the grant companies will also “carry out risk reduction activities” and share their observations with NASA.