NASA is also creating the Roman Space Observer Game

NASA is also creating the Roman Space Observer Game

NASA has released this game to help promote the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Previously known as WFIRST, this observatory is designed to uncover the secrets of dark energy and dark matter, search for and image exoplanets, and investigate many topics in infrared astrophysics. It promises a new era of cosmological discovery, an end to the cosmic dark ages, and new insight into the fate of the universe. Along the way, it will find exoplanets and solitary black holes as it works at solving the discrepancies in the Hubble Constant and unraveling the greatest cosmic mysteries.

Story Highlights

  • NASA has recently joined the retro 8-bit gaming fun with the release of Roman Space Observer, a free online game. In this basic game, you must use Roman detectors to capture as many astrophysical phenomena as possible. You can discover black holes, exoplanets, galaxies, dark matter, supernovae, and other cosmic objects.