Nebraska athletes, partners start a new fashion line inspired by coach Tom Osborne

Nebraska athletes, partners start a new fashion line inspired by coach Tom Osborne

For decades, Huskers football head coach Tom Osborne walked up and down the sidelines of Memorial Stadium, but no one really paid attention to what he wore for game day.

In his extensive and successful resume, Osborne said he never would have imagined adding “fashion icon” to the list.

Despite his humble observations, fervent Huskers fans came to check out the new gear featuring Osborne’s name on the racks of stores in Lincoln’s Haymarket.

“My wife would be amazed that I would be a fashion model in any way because I’m probably the least fashionable guy in the world,” he said.

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  • LINCOLN, Neb. —

  • Thanks to a new collaboration between the University of Nebraska athletics department and licensing agency CLC, the living legend is now the inspiration for a new clothing line that’s also raising money for his longtime foundation.

Friday marked the official launch of the TWO55 merchandise collection, a name, Osborne said, came naturally.

“We won 255 games when I was a coach. The players won the games, I just stood there and watched,” he said.

Osborne said he hopes the TWO55 line will help NU athletics recoup some losses after a negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. More important for him, he said — half of the royalties for each item sold will help his TeamMates mentoring program as it celebrates 30 years of helping young children.

“As far as we’re concerned, it’s kind of a win-win,” Osborne said. “We think it’s been very helpful to those 43,000 kids that have been mentored, and of course we’re always looking for more mentors.” Looking at the turnout on launch day, Osborne said he maintains a modest outlook that fans will want to take style notes from a champion.

“I think they have come up with an attractive line of clothing and hopefully some people will find it of interest,” he said.