Neighbors raise money for home repairs for a Veazie woman with cancer

Neighbors raise money for home repairs for a Veazie woman with cancer

Chapman was diagnosed with Myxoid Liposarcoma last year.

“The only way to get rid of the cancer all together so I would be cancer free was to do this operation, so I lost my right leg and half of my right pelvis,” Chapman said.

“She’s a wonderful person. She’s very, very caring, and she’d do anything for anybody else, and I want to make sure the neighborhood does something for her,” Doucette said.

Chapman’s neighbors started a GoFundMe to raise money for needed repairs and renovations to her house so she can stay in the place she’s called home for more than 20 years.

Story Highlights

  • “We’ve been neighbors for 21 years, and what’s a neighbor to do but help another neighbor,” said Michele Doucette.

  • Several months ago, she had to make a difficult decision.

“She’s a great mother to her daughter and her cat, and I just want to see her be able to come back to her home,” said Debby Samuelian.

Doucette and Samuelian want to make her house wheelchair accessible with a new front porch, front door, and bathroom.

They’re currently relying on donations and contractors volunteering their time to lend a hand. “If any lumber yards want to donate lumber or any materials at all, we need the whole works, so anything will help,” Doucette said.

Chapman is in Boston getting treatment and physical therapy. Her neighbors are hoping the work will be finished when she returns home in a few months.

They say the support they’ve received is what Maine is all about. “I’ve learned a few lessons myself about how nice people can be. This whole state is basically consistent of good, moral people that want to help if they can, and hopefully that will happen,” Samuelian said.

They are also holding raffle to win hundreds of dollars worth of lottery tickets and a $100 bill. All other donations can go through Michele Doucette and her Facebook page.

The GoFundMe can be found here. “Anything anybody has ever done I’m very appreciative of that. I’m blown away sometimes by what people will do,” Chapman said.