Next MacBook Pro can install a notch similar to iPhone

Next MacBook Pro can install a notch similar to iPhone

We’ll go into the credibility of this in more detail later – since there’s more to it than meets the eye at first sight – but first and foremost, we should highlight that the sources here are weak, and we should proceed with caution.

As MacRumors observes, this is backed up by a poster on Reddit – a leaker who has no track record, mind, and confesses that they’re just pulling together various second-hand (or even third-hand) nuggets of info from the supply chain over in Asia – claiming that the notch is indeed coming for the new MacBook Pros. The further claim is that this notch will be a standard size, not the smaller one as seen in the iPhone 13 range, but it won’t play host to Face ID tech – rather, it’ll just have an improved 1080p webcam (as previously rumored), mic and True Tone sensor.

Story Highlights

  • With Apple’s new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models set to launch at the start of next week, rumors about the alleged laptops are reaching fever pitch, and the latest one, which appears to be the product of a fevered imagination in all likelihood, claims that Apple is set to introduce a notch, iPhone-style, to the notebooks, is reaching fever pitch.

  • Even DuanRui admits that this is best looked on as something of a ‘joke’, but the very tentative theory is that the new MacBook Pros could get some extremely slender bezels indeed – the original source mentions ‘thinner bezels’ among a list of other rumored changes for the laptops – with the notch needing to be present to provide a space for the webcam.