Now that they can make money by name, by image, by the same thing – Husker football players are holding a children’s camp

Now that they can make money by name, by image, by the same thing - Husker football players are holding a children's camp

Wednesday, a bit of an unprecedented event was held. Nebraska football players hosted a youth football camp in Papillion from which they can profit.

The kids learned a thing or two about football and had a little fun.

Husker football players like Garrett Nelson, Damion Daniels and others could finally make a few bucks coaching the game they love.

“I was raised around little kids like this, so it’s kind of fun to come out, take a break from all the seriousness in Lincoln and give back,” said first-year student athlete, Heinrich Haarberg.

Story Highlights

  • They’ve made money from Nebraska and national companies, much of it through social media promotion.

  • The morning seemed to be a win-win for all involved.

This comes after the NCAA removed a decades-long ban on players profiting off their name, image and likeness.

“When we had the NIL go through that was really a big opening for stuff like this,” said Brown.

“Just being able to be compensated for our time and give money back, whether it be, there’s guys that are already giving back to non-profits, some of them back to family, whatever it is,” said Haarberg. Redshirt freshman Elliot Brown, the son of a former Husker and previously an Elkhorn South star, appeared to take the lead coaching the camp.

He’s happy he can make some money doing it. “Because with the NCAA policies and all the rules and everything, it’s been a little hard, but even with social media it’s been huge to endorse businesses and companies it’s been awesome, I’m very thankful for the NIL,” said Brown.

More than 80 kids took part in a series of drills that were both competitive and light-hearted. It seemed like some of the players were having enough fun, they may have done it for free.

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Download our apps today for all of our latest coverage. “Having those fans come out all those years through the ups and downs is awesome, finally giving something back to them, have some with some kids, have some teammates make some memories,” said Nelson.