OBJECTIVES FOR PROMOTION OF DEVELOPMENT Health Sciences Business Readiness | News

  OBJECTIVES FOR PROMOTION OF DEVELOPMENT Health Sciences Business Readiness |  News

And there is a need. The most critical time to prepare for a pharmaceutical launch is well before regulatory approval. Several recent studies have shown significant gaps in achieving launch expectations including a 2020 PharmaExec.com study showing almost 50% of first commercial biotech organizations significantly missed first-year launch revenue compared to forecast.

PRE’s founders were partners at Cambridge BioMarketing (CB), the leading marketing agency focused on companies developing life-saving therapeutics for patients with rare diseases. Maureen Franco served as CEO of CB and led the agency’s growth and eventual sale to UDG Healthcare. She brings +25 years of commercial life science leadership experience including over a decade at Sanofi Genzyme in commercial executive roles. Mike Hodgson served as CCO at CB and as one of the early partners, directed the strategic launch of dozens of orphan brands. He brings +25 years in life science communications strategy with an emphasis on creative content and positioning strategy, corporate branding, and disease shaping approaches.

PRE Commercial is a marketing consulting company solely dedicated to early-stage life science companies. With a combination of deep industry expertise and key customer insights, the organization provides life science commercial executives with a partnership to build enterprise value in their precommercial environment. Across therapeutic categories, PRE advises start-up to multinational life science organizations preparing for product launch. With headquarters in Boston, MA the team is passionately committed to helping life science organizations prepare and achieve commercial success.

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  • “Leaders in early-stage biopharma are understandably hyper-focused on clinical and regulatory milestones. In our experience, the most successful organizations also incorporate commercial thinking earlier in the development cycle shaping their market environment, pre-positioning their therapeutics, and clearly defining a corporate identity. With the right insights and planning these organizations are better prepared to get their groundbreaking therapies in to the hands of patients and build the value of their enterprise,” said Maureen Franco, CEO of PRE Commercial.

  • “We’ve launched multiple pharmaceutical brands over the years. Companies that commit to building an early foundation find greater success at launch. Our methodology includes understanding and shaping the disease environment prelaunch, and working to develop product and corporate brand rationale within the competitive framework. We’ve also developed a product to help early stage biopharma better understand key customers by tracking changes in their sentiment over time,” said Mike Hodgson, CSO of PRE Commercial.

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