Ohio County Chief Financial Officer Interview | News, Sports, Jobs

  Ohio County Chief Financial Officer Interview |  News, Sports, Jobs

In June, the commission announced it was seeking a CFO to oversee finances at The Highlands. In July, a position was posted seeking an assistant finance director for the county.

“We may hire more than one person. It just depends.”

“We also need help with the commission. We’ve had people leave,” Wharton said.

An employee is needed “to do high-level work for the OCDA,” he said.

Story Highlights

  • Ohio County commissioners are continuing to interview financial professionals for potential employment in the county.

  • “Interviews are taking place,” said Commission President Randy Wharton, also president of the Ohio County Development Authority. “We will soon be calling people in for their second interview.

“Our goal is to centralize accounting and cross-train people so if we have retirements — or if people leave — there are people ready to step in.”

The assistant finance director will work with Rodd Archey, the commission’s financial officer, to “make sure all reports are completed on a timely basis.” The assistant finance director also will serve as acting finance director in the director’s absence, and also will be required to attend commission meetings, according to the job posting.

Salary will be based on experience. “When you think about it…. we’re running a pretty large operation,” Wharton said.

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