Omega Partners With Space Debris Startup


ClearSpace aims to use an experimental four-armed vehicle to capture the “Vega Secondary Payload Adapter” left in space during the ESA’s Vega launch in 2013. The company’s long term goal is to create “an affordable service for space debris removal.”

“Today there are thousands of satellites orbiting Earth, a huge percentage of them failed,”  he said. “These uncontrollable objects present risks of explosions or collisions with other satellites. Humankind’s next big challenge is keeping space clean in order to ensure sustainable growth in the future – and Omega is thrilled and proud to be part of the solution.”

Elsewhere in watches, G-SHOCK celebrates the Year of the Tiger with limited edition MTG.

Omega’s Time for the Planet strategy also sees the brand partner with the GoodPlanet Foundation and Nekton, a not-for-profit research foundation protecting the world’s oceans.

Story Highlights

  • The brand behind the first watch on the moon has joined forces with ClearSpace, a Swiss startup that has a $100M USD contract with the European Space Agency to undertake its first mission to remove space debris in 2025.

  • Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann calls the project “one of the most important, inspiring and exciting projects since the launch of the Apollo missions.”