On a laptop, here are ten best games to play


Best Co-Op Mobile Games You Can Play With A Friend
The good news is that in a world of next-gen graphics and ray-tracing, there are still publishers producing games that can run on a laptop without a good graphics card. Here is a nice variety of games you can play on old hardware, without feeling like your gaming in 2001.

A clever take on old favorites like Wolf or Town of Salem, you and up to 15 friends are crewing a spaceship. The catch? One of you is “The Imposter”, possessed by an alien entity with a bloodlust. Crew can save the day by completing all their ship tasks or catching the killer in the act. The result is cartoonish finger-pointing madness with friends, making Among Us a great pick for laptop users.

Anyone who plays the game more competitively would argue that playing on the lowest graphic settings is less than ideal, but for the casual gamer, it neither makes nor breaks the experience. Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play and cross-platform, perfect for the occasional late-night gaming session with your pals.

fortnite art, characters looking over map
Just because you are playing on a laptop does not mean you are stuck playing Solitaire or Minesweeper. For those searching for a massively online game with a taste for high stakes and adventure, Fortnite is a great pick. Its unique, slightly cartoonish style makes it more compatible with PCs with lower graphic capabilities.

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  • Not all of us can shell out for the newest consoles, or save up for the colossal expense of a gaming PC. But chances are you probably have a laptop, whether it’s for work, school, or to binge Netflix on at the end of a long day. The real question is, can you game on your laptop?

  • multiple Among Us crewmates floating in space
    If you are worried about overburdening your teeny little laptop with oodles worth of application memory, any game that can alternatively be played on mobile is always a safe bet. Among Us has won itself a spot as king among fun multiplayer games. It can even be played cross-platform, so your friend can plot your demise from behind their iPhone screen.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR Artwork with Alduin
You might be thinking to yourself, why would anyone want to play a game published in 2011? Few games have aged as well as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, in all of its often-times glitched and ragdoll glory. It might seem counterintuitive, but despite the limits of its original time, Skyrim is still a very well-rounded open-world adventure.

If your aim is to disappear inside a vast and boundless fantasy world, with a deeply customizable personal experience, then there is no reason not to love Skyrim. Slay dragons, pick fights with NPCs, or become an infamous chicken murderer. The world is quite literally yours to do what you will. Some Skyrim community members even claim your laptop can run many of the numerous mods available to spice things up a bit.

Portal 2 is ageless, co-op puzzle fun, and what’s better is that it will not break your laptop. As long as you have 4GB of RAM, you and a friend can outsmart GLaDOS by placing mind-bending portals to traverse the dangerous testing chambers. Or perhaps play on your own through the story mode, guiding the silent Chell on her escape from Aperature Science Facility. Good for hours of fun with a friend or outfoxing GLaDOS one-on-one, Portal 2 is a classic title that never gets old, ideal for laptop gamers looking to play some “oldies” but goodies.

Cuphead, Don’t Deal with The Devil promo art
What you want is a hellish challenge, and while it might not be Dark Souls, Cuphead will not disappoint. This run-and-gun bullet-hell adventure stole many gamer’s hearts (and many awards) with its classic 1930s cartoon style and old-school jazz game score. Awesome Free Web-Browser Party Games To Try
Chockfull with adorable and sometimes off-putting humanoid characters Cuphead is a wonderful addition to any laptop gamer’s arsenal. Play as Cuphead on a solo adventure, or with Mugman in a local co-op with a friend, as you battle through tough bosses to collect their souls to pay back your debt to the Devil himself. Great news for the hardcore gamer lamenting their lowly laptop status, as Cuphead only requires 3 GB of RAM to play.