On Windows PC, Minecraft Launcher will not open

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why Minecraft is not launching on your PC and the solutions of course.

Corrupt launcher files – If the launcher files in your PC are corrupted, the game won’t launch. In this case, you need to delete the launcher files and launch the game again. You can find the launcher files “.minecraft” folder.

Recent update– Sometimes a recent update makes the game incompatible with the configuration. Check if you have installed any recent update in your operating system and if it is an optional one, you can uninstall it and try launching the game again.

Drivers issue – This is again a very common issue. Check if the video card drivers in your PC are up-to-date.

Story Highlights

  • Minecraft is one of the most popular Windows games for decades. It depicts a virtual world wherein the players are fighting with monsters, zombies, spiders, and a lot more. It is a sandbox game and is pretty addictive. So, what if you are a Minecraft fan and the game suddenly is not launching on your PC. It will be frustrating right? Don’t worry, we got your back.

  • Bad internet connection – This is the most common reason for the Minecraft failure in your Windows PC. Do check your internet connection, fix it if not working, and then try launching Minecraft again.

The system is not up-to-date – Every program or game has some specific system requirements, check if your PC is compatible or not.

Too many mods – If you have installed too many mods installed in your PC, it may create a problem in launching the game.