OnBlock plans to upgrade the Crypto Ecosystem

OnBlock plans to upgrade the Crypto Ecosystem

With a solid foundation, OnBlock Ventures will focus on the research and development of their crypto ecosystem. OnBlock Ventures CEO revealed his desire to develop and expand their crypto ecosystem with small to large investment projects. Taking advantage of available resources, Onblock is on the way to developing and implementing future orientations.

Their community, The Cryptoholic Group always tries to discuss and consider carefully to bring useful information about eligible and reliable crypto projects. With the slogan “Invest in crypto with you”, the director of OnBlock Ventures said, “we discuss and share information about eligible crypto projects in the community to help connect projects and reach the market in Vietnam better.”

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OnBlock is willing to connect and expand projects in the Vietnam market in general and Southeast Asia in particular. We always support potential projects with marketing and financial resources to grow strongly. 

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  • OnBlock plans to develop Crypto Ecosystem – Metaverse vision

  • OnBlock plans to connect projects in the Vietnam market

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