Open Business: A new music venue coming to the Twin Cities

Open Business: A new music venue coming to the Twin Cities

His company, NTL Productions has been putting together live concerts in Central Illinois and around the midwest for 12 years. Now, he’s creating his own vision. 

But with other venues in the area offering musical experiences, what sets The Stable Music Hall and Lounge apart? 

The venue will also feature live band karaoke, comedians and singer-songwriter nights. Beyond the music itself, the space’s history is also gaining attention from the community. 

“The intimacy that we’re going to create here is going to be unique to the area. We’re not trying to pack people in like sardines. We want people to have a nice experience with a nice craft cocktail or a local craft beer, along with high quality touring artists that they might not be able to see on a regular basis,” said LeRoy.

Story Highlights

  • “I’ve wanted my own space that I can put my own stamp on and own personality on for quite some time,” said LeRoy.

  • LeRoy said, “Our lane is kind of going to be more Americana, Bluegrass. We will do some Blues of course. Alt-country.”

LeRoy said, “It has the charm and the ambience that I was looking for. It used to be—in 1893 I believe it was built. It was one of the oldest buildings we have downtown…”

The music lounge’s name even paying homage to what came before.

“This was a horse stable for Dr. W H Williams’ horse hospital that was here on this site,” he said. “This is where the horses lived, so that’s why it’s called The Stable Music Hall and Lounge.” And with a jam packed lineup this week, LeRoy says it’s showtime. 

“We’ve got nothing but excitement and confidence for the future and we’re ready to go. So it feels really good,” he said. Opening night is Thursday, October 14. For the show lineups, visit the Facebook page.