Open House at the new Borra Health Center | News

  Open House at the new Borra Health Center |  News

Located right in between the two hospitals in Lima, it’s an ideal place for our future health professionals to grow their knowledge.

Students have already been able to utilize the building as it opened just in time for the semester to start.

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Story Highlights

  • The Borra Health Center held their open house and gave people the chance to see inside one of the most advanced learning facilities for health industry students.

  • The Health Science center is filled with mannequins that simulate real-life medical problems, giving the students a hands-on experience like no other. Angela Heaton, the dean of Health Sciences and Public Service says, “So these are high fidelity mannequins that can talk, they speak, they provide vitals, heart rate. Behind me is actually Victoria who is a simulation, and she can give birth. It enables the students to go through those critical thinking skills and actually be a competent provider.”