OrbicTM Introduces AirSurf 5G Laptop for on-the-go users

OrbicTM Introduces AirSurf 5G Laptop for on-the-go users

“The new AirSurf 5G laptop was engineered to help customers be efficient no matter where they are located. If a user is finishing a presentation in between a flight or attending a meeting outside of the office, attending a remote Zoom class, or even working from their home office – concerns about connectivity or battery life are less of an issue,” said Mike Narula, president and CEO of Orbic North America. “We have also ensured that cost is not an issue for customers, making the Orbic AirSurf 5G™ one of the most affordable 5G laptop on the market.”

Story Highlights

  • The Orbic AirSurf 5G UW Laptop was introduced today by Orbic, a U.S. mobile device company. The Orbic AirSurf 5G UW provides users with value-priced performance, connectivity, speed, battery life, and power. Users can rapidly go from a laptop to a tablet view thanks to the FOLD-360-degree design, providing them the freedom to use the device however they want, whether on the go, at school, or at work.

  • Orbic is a US-based homegrown minority owned full line mobility products OEM, owned company with offices in Australia and India, its products are designed in the United States and manufactured in India or China. At Orbic, we believe that our mission is to enhance lives by providing meaningful solutions through products with innovative technology at an affordable price. With an equal emphasis on value for money, innovation, and quality, Orbic continuously pursues an exceptional user experience. We’re committed to quality care for all our valued customers, and we constantly invest in security defenses to keep you and your data safe. For more information, please visit www.orbic.us