Partners of Stevens Transport With Platform Science to

Partners of Stevens Transport With Platform Science to

Stevens Transport chose Platform Science for its next-generation telematics solution, flexibility and trip planning services, such as its partnerships with industry leaders like Trimble Maps and Drivewyze. In particular, the fleet will leverage the Trimble Maps’ MileOn integration to provide drivers with highly accurate navigation and seamless trip planning to keep deliveries on track, while ultimately improving customer service.

Steven Transport will begin to roll out the Platform Science solution to its entire fleet starting September 2021.

Platform Science is an IoT technology company that empowers enterprise fleets to take control of their technology on one user-friendly platform. Incorporated in 2015, Platform Science makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles, a process previously defined by fragmented architectures and proprietary protocols. The platform offers flexibility and delivers an unlimited canvas to fleets and developers seeking to innovate and create new solutions as customers’ needs, businesses, and industries evolve. For more information, visit


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  • “Stevens Transport is constantly looking to the future, making them a perfect partner for us,” said Michael Bray, CCO of Platform Science. “Not only do they value technology, but they value their drivers and strive to find new ways to optimize the overall experience. We are thrilled to partner with the Stevens Transport team to ensure their unique needs are met and that they have all necessary tools to set themselves and their drivers up for success.”

  • “We are always on the lookout for new technologies that meet our fleets’ evolving needs. Through this partnership with Platform Science, we can ensure our drivers are equipped with the most efficient, up-to-date technology that significantly increases their productivity levels and maximizes their time,” said Clay Aaron, President of Stevens Transport. “We are proud to join Platform Science in its ongoing mission to make transportation smart.”


Stevens Transport, Inc. is recognized as one of North America’s premier multi-modal, temperature-controlled truckload carriers. The specialized nature of time-sensitive truckload shipments gives Stevens Transport a unique advantage in the supply chain marketplace as a logistics leader valued by a wide range of Fortune 500 ® customers. Beyond capacity-driven operations, Stevens Transport injects an unmatched integrity into a corporate business model that reflects more than 40 years of consistent growth and success. To learn more, visit

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