Pettus sentenced to life imprisonment | Home News

  Pettus sentenced to life imprisonment |  Home News

That plea was drawn into question prior to the hearing when Pettus claimed he not been given proper counsel before pleading no contest to the murder of Madison Cook, 20. He submitted a request to withdraw his plea, but Korell denied the request at the beginning of the hearing that took two hours and 24 minutes on Friday.

Pettus also pleaded guilty arson, two counts of burglary, and auto theft, to which he will serve consecutive sentences. Korell sentenced him to 29-50 years in prison for those crimes in addition to the life imprisonment.

Story Highlights

  • Sean Pettus, 32, was sentenced to life in prison without parole after he had his no contest plea to second degree murder accepted by Goshen County District Court Judge Patrick Korell.

  • Torrington Police submitted evidence into the record, where Pettus can be heard saying his attorney actually advised him to not accept the no contest plea.