Phil Hellmuth’s final table for the Meltdown Mars 2021 WSOP

Phil Hellmuth's final table for the Meltdown Mars 2021 WSOP

It was more of the same, highlighted by him mucking one hand completely off the table and then parading around the table, cursing and moaning for about ten minutes. He’ll just keep doing it

Beyond the disgust many had at Hellmuth’s spectacle (I mean, you’re a grown man who has played in a million tournaments and has had more WSOP success than anybody – enough with the act already), the problem some in the poker community have with the situation is that the WSOP did nothing about it. Whether it’s 10-15 minutes of profanity, throwing cards, or threatening to burn down the Rio, most average players would have been met with some sort of punishment. But Hellmuth is a poker star among stars, so everyone just has to put up with it. Obviously, that’s pretty horrible, and Hellmuth did follow up by saying he was joking, but it wasn’t so much of a joke as it was a stupid comment fueled by emotion. It’s akin to saying, “I wanna kill that guy,” when you obviously don’t REALLY want the person dead, you’re just mad. In Hellmuth’s case, though, he’s a guy known for verbal blowups, this was in the middle of the WSOP and live streamed, extremely vulgar, and very drawn out. It’s just completely unacceptable all around.

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  • He hadn’t even mucked his cards when he started in: “This motherfucker, he peels the five of diamonds like it’s nothing and makes a fucking flush. Nice fucking river.” The highlight line was one which, if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, should not be taken seriously, but some people will see as a threat: “So unfucking fair, I play like a fucking genius every fucking day. I think I’m gonna burn this fucking place down if I don’t win this fucking tournament.”

  • “Fucking punish me, he pops me on the fucking turn with a diamond draw and an ace There’s like one ace left. Fuck! How does he get rewarded for that bullshit fucking play? They fucking overplay their hands against me. That’s why I win all these fucking tournaments.” He lowered his volume momentarily, but during the next hand, he just couldn’t let it go, yelling, “goddamn motherfucker!”