Playtonic Friends Launch Rally Heat Rally, Throwback ‘SuperScaler’ Racer


It’s 1985 and Hang On is drawing crowds in arcades all over the world as players line up to put down their loose change & experience the wonders of Superscaler technology. Fast forward to today and the world is a very different place but the thrill of classic games like Outrun, After Burner and Rad Mobile has stuck with the team at SkyDevilPalm so what better way to bring those childhood memories flooding back than to create their own racing game in homage to some of the greats?

“As the saying goes ‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to’ and that’s what really drew us to create Victory Heat Rally” shares Ian Cid, Co-Game Designer at SkyDevilPalm “Arcade racers have fallen out of fashion over the last few years and we wanted to bring back the joy, the visual appeal and over all the satisfaction we used to feel playing titles like Sega Rally, Ridge Racer and Jet Moto 2”

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It will also feature as part of the imminent Steam Next Fest which kicks off on 1st October; you can check out its Steam page here which already has a demo.

Story Highlights

  • This is a retro-style racer that mimics the ‘SuperScaler’ visuals of ’80s arcades and indeed early ’90s console games, throwing in some colourful character designs as well. It looks pretty darn stylish, and the following background is given in the press release.

  • Victory Heat Rally is a turbocharged, high energy racing game with Neo-Superscalar aesthetics that combines the arcade thrills of Out Run with the memorable, distinct characters of Golden Axe or the Sonic series.