PreSonus is updating its R-Series Active AMT monitors

PreSonus is updating its R-Series Active AMT monitors

The new speakers incorporate more control than the previous models, taking their analogue Acoustic Tuning controls from its Eris line.

The class A/B power amplifier has been upgraded to 140W, with 75W for low-frequency and 65w for high-frequency, which the company claims gives the speakers a warmer, smoother overall frequency response, with distortion-free sound, even at high volumes.

The R80 V2 has an eight-inch composite woofer, whilst the R65 features a 6.5-inch woofer of the same design. PreSonus says that the R80’s overall frequency response is rated at 40 Hz to 22 kHz, whilst the R65 is rated from 45 Hz to 22 kHz.

The speakers also feature a custom-designed 6.8 square-inch Air Motion Transformer tweeter, which PreSonus says makes them an ideal choice for hearing “ultra-highs” that add “air” to the sound. A 0.01mm folded Kapton membrane is designed to reproduce exceptionally subtle detail recorded in the audio.

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  • PreSonus has announced that it is now shipping its second-generation R-Series Studio Monitors. PreSonus has announced that it is now shipping its new V2 active AMT studio monitor speakers.

  • The speakers feature Low Cutoff, Mid-Frequency, and High-Frequency controls. There’s also a three-position Acoustic Space switch to allow compensation for speaker placement, such as in the corner of a room, or up against a wall.

Connectivity comes in the form of balanced XLR, 1/4-inch TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs, giving them the flexibility to be connected to any line-level source.

The PreSonus R65 V2 is now available for $329.95, while the R80 V2 retails for $429.95.

As with the original R-series, the new R65 V2 and R80 V2 monitors feature a custom-designed, 6.8-square-inch Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter that responds to the subtlest waveforms and high frequencies, making them an ideal choice for hearing ultra-highs that add “air” and a sense of space and dimension. The AMT’s astonishingly thin (< 0.01 mm) folded Kapton membrane provides wave-cycle-accurate transient reproduction, so you’ll hear every detail in your music: the gentle breath in every exhale, the subtle finger noise in a nylon-string classical guitar, the nuanced overtones of brass and woodwinds; and exquisite reverb tails that gracefully decay. The AMT tweeter also enables R-series V2 monitors to handle 8 to 13 times the projection area of more traditional tweeter designs, while the monitor’s housing design constrains the projection area to the horizontal axis. The result is a wide “sweet spot” with narrow vertical dispersion, minimizing problematic reflections off of your desk, ceiling, and floor, while providing a consistent sound in different listening environments.