Primerica Marks $ 900B For Active Lifespan By 2021

Primerica Marks $ 900B For Active Lifespan By 2021

The Company issued $109 billion of new term life insurance coverage in 2021. In addition, 348,000 new representatives were recruited during the year, with 39,600 obtaining their life insurance licenses in 2021. Primerica ended the year with nearly 26,300 securities licensed representatives, 2,870 of which were newly licensed.

e-TeleQuote, acquired by Primerica in July 2021, is projected to close out the year with 31,000 approved senior health policies during the fourth quarter. Primerica’s U.S. mortgage distribution business continued to gain momentum with over $1.2 billion of closed loans during the year.

The Company also continued to return value to its stockholders by repurchasing $18.7 million of its common stock in the fourth quarter of 2021 under its recently announced $275 million repurchase program.


Story Highlights

  • “During another year filled with uncertainty, working families across North America are prioritizing efforts to protect their incomes and build financial security. Our over 129,500 Primerica life-licensed representatives continued to assist middle-income households as they implemented plans to protect their futures,” said Glenn Williams, Primerica CEO.

  • Williams continued, “In 2021, Primerica paid $2.1 billion in death claims that help families in their time of loss. With over $900 billion of term life insurance coverage in force, we are positioned to protect more households in the future. Our record investment sales of $11 billion and client asset values of $97 billion demonstrate we are assisting more families than ever with their savings and investment goals.”