PS5 and PS4 Games Announced June 2022 on PS Plus

PS5 and PS4 Games Announced June 2022 on PS Plus

The inclusion of God of War has been heavily debated over the last few days, because the game has already been made available across multiple services, including the PS Plus Collection and PS Now. It’s a great game — arguably one of the PS4’s absolute best — but those with an interest in Kratos’ reboot will have probably played it by now. Elsewhere, Naruto and Nickelodeon are bound to divide opinion. Both are solid games, but they’re multiplayer-focused — and PS Plus has got into a habit of offering multiplayer titles that are either ageing or struggling to remain relevant — or both. What do you think of the PS Plus games for June 2022? As always, voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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  • The PlayStation Plus games for June 2022 have been revealed, and guess what? Once again, the leaks were correct. They’re everywhere these days, aren’t they? To be clear, this is the lineup for PS Plus Essential, as it is currently referred to. It’s the last monthly update before the new PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium levels launch later this month in a variety of locations, including North America and Europe.