PS5 Games Can Come Fast, Compete With Xbox Game Pass

PS5 Games Can Come Fast, Compete With Xbox Game Pass

By now, every gamer knows that Xbox’s Game Pass is one of the very best value ways to enjoy all the latest new games. Unfortunately for PlayStation fans, however, Sony’s PS Now has a lot of catching up to do.

Sony is planning to have some huge improvements to PlayStation Now soon though, according to a recently published patent. Plus, it looks like PS5 games will finally come to PS Now as well.

The patent says that Sony will be using the same speedy storage drives in the PS5 for PlayStation Now streaming in the future. This means that, while not confirmed yet, PS5 games are very likely to come to PS Now in the near future.

The patent in question, spotted by DualShockers, details ‘Ultra High-Speed Low-Latency Network Storage’. This is very similar to how Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service operates and lets players stream over 100 games to various devices.

Story Highlights

  • It looks like Sony is finally planning to add PS5 games to its gaming subscription service and Game Pass competitor PS Now – it’s about time!

  • Despite the PS5 launching almost a year ago now, there are still no signs of PS5 games on PS Now. This could all be changing soon though.

Will the addition of PS5 games be enough to convince you to start a PS Now subscription? If we are lucky, they might even bundle in the rumored PlayStation Plus Video Pass in with it.