PUBG is currently available for free on all platforms

PUBG is currently available for free on all platforms

With a more slowed-down tactical pace, it offers an alternative to more action-packed and gung-ho battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, so there could well still be a big niche for it to fill now that console players can more easily access it. The developers have taken an interesting approach to layering in a premium tier, though, by restricting ranked play to those who purchase a one-time account upgrade to access Battlegrounds Plus, which costs $12.99 and also brings some XP upgrades and in-game items.

Story Highlights

  • PUBG: Battlegrounds is now completely free to play on all platforms, removing the barrier to entry so that anyone can try out the popular battle royale game without having to spend anything. The best PC games to buy are fantastic additions to your collection. While the game had previously been offered on Xbox Game Pass and other similar platforms, making it available for cheap or no cost, this is a significant shift for it, and it could potentially reach a bigger audience than ever before, despite its massive popularity during its peak.

  • This is a deterrent against cheating in ranked modes, apparently, and has prompted calls from some Warzone players for Raven Software to adopt the same approach for the Call of Duty title (something we can’t see happening anytime soon). You can grab PUBG for free on consoles and PC now, so be sure to get it downloaded if you’ve never tried to secure your own Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner moment.