Razteria’s new album “Space to play” is released on October 28, 2021

Razteria's new album

“Space to play is about our hidden potential,” she says. “I hope these songs inspire you to feel the power of vulnerability that comes with making time to be creative…to enjoy being in awe when the inevitable result of this process goes beyond what you could have ever imagined.”

The title track of the release is a retro 60s ballad that encourages listeners to embrace the vulnerability necessary in all creativity. Space to play grew organically from Razteria’s time in lockdown when she focused on her musicianship and creative process. The album includes a Spanish version (Juega), an acoustic and latin trio version of the title track.   

Electronic press kit and Space to play songs previously released: https://razteria.com/pr-space-to-play/

Other musicians on Space to play include these well-known professionals: Eddie Caipo (engineer for Enrique Iglesias and Gwen Stefani), Tomas Salcedo (guitarist Fantastic Negrito), Manas Itene (Spearhead), Dave Shul (Spearhead), Raleigh Neal (Spearhead), Jackie Rago (founding member of V-note Ensemble), and Jayme Arredondo (drummer for Don Carlos).

Story Highlights

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  • On Space to play, Razteria invokes the vocal sultriness of Sade, mood of Billie Eilish, dance beats of Shakira and artistry of St. Vincent. Trilingual Razteria is a true international artist, living and working near Geneva when not in the Bay Area. She glides easily between Caribbean rhythms, the musical influences of her Bolivian/Dutch roots and European Electro-Pop. Like Ani DiFranco and Bjork, Razteria is also a songwriter, producer and engineer, for her own music as well as other artists.

*RAZTERIA* creates pop music with sultry vocals reminiscent of Sade, electronic elements of Massive Attack, grooves of Steel Pulse, and Latin vibe of Shakira. Since 2005, she has released 8 full albums and 1 EP in collaboration with artists from the US, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia. Her song “Once Again” won Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, World Category (2016). In 2020, her song “Inspire Me” was a Finalist for the International Songwriting Competition /Music Video Award.

Contact: Ellie Rand, 504.343.6551[email protected]