RCMP at Fort St. John has issued a warning about phone fraud

 RCMP at Fort St.  John has issued a warning about phone fraud

Scammers are using “Caller ID Spoofing” technology to appear to be someone that they aren’t. The call display on the recipient’s phone may show Canada Border Services Agency and appears to be from the government. With many people shopping online, waiting for packages, the appearance of the call coming from a real source and the threat of being arrested, many individuals follow directions and press 1. Once the recipient responds by pressing 1, the call is picked up by a real person on the other end who is the scammer, and converses with them. After a brief introduction, they request your personal information to “prove your identity.” The goal of this conversation is for the scammer to get your personal information in order to commit further crimes using the theft of your identity.

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  • =The Fort St. John RCMP front desk has been inundated with calls this week reporting a phone scam that appears to be targeting the Fort St. John region. Hello, this call is from Canada Border Services Agency, says an automated phone call to the recipient. We received a shipment bearing your name, however it was red-flagged due to the presence of a suspicious substance. In your name, an arrest warrant has been issued. This is a subject that must be dealt with quickly. Before we begin, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. To speak with a Canada Border Services Agency officer right now, press 1.”

  • The Fort St. John RCMP wishes to share this information to educate the public in order to confidently hang up on these scammers and protect yourself and your information as this is a known scam. Do not share personal information over the phone or online. This includes information like your birth date, any banking information and Social Insurance Number. If you have received this call but have not shared any personal information and are not the victim of identity theft, you do not need to call police. If you have received this type of call, have shared your personal information and are concerned about the information being used by the scammers, please call police. Also share your experience with as many other family and friends as you can so they are aware and do not fall victim to these types of scams.