Real wireless earbuds – Roland’s V-Moda release

Real wireless earbuds - Roland's V-Moda release

Keeping with the theme of personalisation, Hexamove Pro users will be able to use the V-Moda app to adjust EQ levels or to switch sound profile presets.

The Hexamove Lite is available in red, white and black, while the Hexamove Pro comes in white and black with interchangeable silver and bronze shields. Interested buyers can order now via the V-Moda website, with the Hexamove Lite set at £95 / $130 and the Hexamove Pro costing £124 / $170.

The Hexamove Lite buds are available in three colors: red, white and black. There are three fitting options as well. As for Hexamove Pro, there are six custom fitting options (though it’s only available in black or white). V-Moda says you’ll be able to mix and match fins, ear-hooks and three in-ear fittings to discover the right combo for your ears. You can also attach the earbuds to a neck strap and stabilizer to prevent you from losing them. In addition, you’ll be able to customize audio on the Pro earbuds using the equalizer tool in the V-Moda app.

Roland’s V-Moda brand is moving into the true wireless earbuds market. The initial Hexamove lineup includes two models: Lite and Pro. V-Moda says you’ll get up to six hours of use on a single charge. The included charging case will bump up the playback time by 18 hours in total. The hexagonal earbuds have 6mm drivers that deliver what V-Moda describes as “powerful bass, vibrant mids and pristine highs,” though there’s no active noise cancellation.

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  • The Hexamove will also come with three different fittings to suit the user’s preference, with fins and earhooks included for greater customisation and comfort. In fact, those who want to express a hint of personal style can even opt for custom shields on their Hexamove Pros, with V-Moda offering designs and monograms for that added personal touch.

  • Those intending to use these earbuds on the go will also appreciate the neck strap and stabiliser that come with the earphones, which are IPX5 sweat, water, and dust resistant. The Hexamove boasts 6 hours of battery life on a single charge, with a further 18 hours stored in the charging case.