Receptionist eSt. Louis, MO – Financial Diary

 Receptionist eSt.  Louis, MO - Financial Diary

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  • Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $2,500 (This is about $500 more than we actually need to pay but we’d like to pay off the house early.)Car Insurance: $183.80 for both carsUtilities: $200-$350 depending on the seasonBook Of The Month: $15.85Spotify/Hulu: $23Disney+: $8.47HBOMax/Netflix: $0 (we use a friend’s account)Internet: $62.22Donations: $150 split between three charities. We do know our monthly giving should probably be higher and this is something we’d like to sit down and run the numbers on soon. We also donate to campaigns as we see fit.Cell Phone: $0, as we’re both on our family’s plans. I don’t know, they keep telling us it’s cheaper to keep us on them so who am I to argue?