Renewal of Thief Seas 2.3.1 Clip Notes: Today, October 14

Renewal of Thief Seas 2.3.1 Clip Notes: Today, October 14

Let me tell you, this latest update most likely fixes several bugs and improves the game’s stability. There may be new Halloween-themed content, but we won’t know for sure until the patch is released and the servers are up and running.

Unfortunately, the official list of patch notes for this latest Sea Of Thieves update hasn’t come out yet. However, servers are down for maintenance, and we’ll upload the latest patch notes here as soon as we get our hands on them.

Overcome the undead forces threatening the seas by completing Challenges to earn Favour. Doing this will award you items from the Wicked Web cosmetic set.

Sea of Thieves’ annual event in honor of the Ferryman is back, and the Outposts are once again bedecked with gourds! This year’s event runs until November 4th and asks crews to undertake a range of actions to earn the Bilge Rats’ Favour, from tackling fiendish Forts to fighting ghastly Phantoms and smashing skeletons.

Story Highlights

  • If Sea Of Thieves is also your favourite game, there is excellent news for you. You’ll be happy to know that Rare Publishers has just released the Sea of Thieves 14th October update, and we have the complete patch notes, but you’ll have to stick with us until the end to get them.

  • You are ready with data pack and Wi-Fi to download this patch. Let us tell you that you will be able to download this patch as soon as the maintenance break is over. The total file size you will need to download this update file is 5.69 GB on Xbox Series X, 3.77 GB on Xbox One, and 5.3 GB on PC (Steam). For more information about Sea Of Thieves October 14 Update, scroll down this page.

Additionally, pirates who complete a short qualifying Challenge can take part in Community Spirit Challenges to annihilate a huge number of skeletons and will receive even more rewards if the Sea of Thieves bands together to meet these global goals.