Report: Chinese media are working on Xi’s ideas

Report: Chinese media are working on Xi's ideas

Earlier, CCTV started a series of short episodes titled “Footprints” to promote President Xi Jinping’s story and “political achievements” over the past 40 years which could be seen as laying the groundwork before Xi Jinping goes for his third term in the 20th Party Congress. The episodes started on May 23. It is said that the series will have a total of 50 episodes.

Dozens of cities and towns, including Shanghai, went under lockdown for weeks and months, leading to a shortage of food and groceries. The lockdowns have affected the economy, already weighed down by the President’s actions against Chinese unicorns and big businesses to teach them who is their master. Trade is impacted, ships are neither being loaded nor unloaded in Shanghai ports, factories are shut, manufacturing is down, and inflation and prices are constantly rising.

Story Highlights

  • Under the title “Effectively carry out public opinion struggle”, the report claims ownership over how targeted “countermeasures” against “American democracy” and around the Xinjiang Uyghur issue and effectively reversed the trend of international public opinion. The report further revealed that a total of 100,000 staff and party members went through 430,000 hours of training to understand the party’s ideology throughout the year.

  • Moreover, in another such instance, starting on April 18, has opened a column called ” Close-Up, Warm Moments” on its official website, showcasing Xi Jinping’s administration and interaction with people in the form of pictures. All this comes at a time when Xi seeks a historic third term and at the same time people are getting agitated with China’s Zero Covid policy.