Retired NY Senator Joe Robach finds a new way to sound

Retired NY Senator Joe Robach finds a new way to sound

Robach served three decades in state government. In retirement, the former state senator is not sitting on the sidelines.

Robach sits on several boards. He’s a political consultant working for the Monroe County GOP committee. And he’s fired up.

“We’re at a time, because things are happening that are costing them money, where it’s good that more people are paying attention,” said Robach.

His weekly radio show on WYSL is Robach’s outlet in response to Democratic policies, from bail reform to borders, which he said don’t work.

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  • Spectrum News 1 caught up with the longtime lawmaker to see how he’s been making his voice heard since leaving office.

  • “It was a big decision not to seek reelection,” said Robach. “I could tell you a much of my life still shows my care and concern.”

After Democrats took control of the New York state Senate in 2019, Robach, in 2020, was among a large group of Republican lawmakers to hang it up.

“Quite frankly, I got sick and tired of being around, whether it was the grocery store, a community meeting, a school, explaining to people that we’re not in the majority anymore,” Robach said. “I didn’t vote for any of these crazy things. As a matter of fact, I opposed them.”

Robach was once a Democrat himself. He switched parties in 2002 to run for New York state Senate, feeling party leaders on the left ignored upstate in favor of New York City. “Thirty years ago, I do think there was a very different Democratic Party,” Robach said. “We identified ourselves joyfully as John F. Kennedy Democrats.”

Now, Robach serves behind the scenes, being a voice for what he feels is right.