Rumorous addition to Godfall’s PlayStation Plus list makes game players moan

Rumorous addition to Godfall's PlayStation Plus list makes game players moan

Godfall for PS4 and PS5, Mortal Shell for PS4, and Lego DC Super Villains for PS4 will cap up PlayStation’s December roster in 2021.

Now that it is potentially going to be free to play come December, some fans are relishing in the opportunity to try the game out, while others are simply using the rumors to say “I told you so”.

Have you played Godfall yet or are you waiting for the price to go down?

If you want to play Godfall, the game is available for purchase on both PS4 and PS5. You’re probably better off waiting to see if it will be free for PlayStation Plus users next month, though. Fortunately, subscribers have plenty of other choices if it does turn out to be underwhelming for you.

Story Highlights

  • On social media today, rumors started flying regarding which titles will be joining the PlayStation Plus catalogue in December. While there are three big games, fans have been buzzing over a somewhat unusual addition to the lineup: Godfall, the PS5 launch title.

  • Godfall launched late in 2020 to lukewarm reviews from critics and fans alike, earning a 6/10 score across the board. Since then, fans have been vocally opposed to purchasing game the at its substantial full price tag.