Rutherford County looking for math and science teachers | News

  Rutherford County looking for math and science teachers |  News

The Rutherford County School district was selected for a fast-track pilot program for those interested in becoming math or science teachers.

“We started with our CTE classes and each year that we’ve had the program running we have been able to expand to new areas. It is very exciting to add the approval to train math and science teachers,” said Murphy.

“It is a rigorous program. We are held to the same standards, and we are going to put our teachers up to anyone in the state,” said Tyra Pilgrim, EPP Head Administrator & CTE Director for RCS.

Participants in the program will work in the classroom while completing two years of coursework.

Story Highlights

  • “This has been a really exciting opportunity to be the first school district in Tennessee to serve as an Educator Preparation Provider,” said Rebecca Murphy, Educator Preparation Provider Specialist for RCS.

  • The initiative is offered through the district’s Educator Preparation Provider program, which provides an alternative pathway for those looking to earn their teaching license.

The district also says it will help fill the need for more educators.

“We are excited about it and excited about the future of it because we see that we are really meeting a need here. I know for us, we are able to meet the need for ourselves but also counties around us,” stated Pilgrim.

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