San Diego Home Buyers Thank Thousands For This Savings Plan | Partner Content

  San Diego Home Buyers Thank Thousands For This Savings Plan |  Partner Content

Many Americans dream of buying a home in San Diego, but the cost of entry is high in this coastal paradise. First-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike can expect to spend hundreds of thousands to finance just the down payment of their dream home. But there is a way for savvy buyers to own their search process and save thousands. 

Plus, buyers can request property tours with the click of a button and begin the offer process online. But the most significant benefit is the company’s Smart Buyer Rebate, which saves buyers in San Diego thousands of dollars.

Purchasing a home or condo in city centers like San Diego is a costly transaction. Down payments and closing costs will exhaust savings after closing. As a result, buyers searching for SoCal homes seek brokers that offer commission rebates to offset high transaction fees.

How commission rebates save buyers thousands of dollars

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  • Prevu is a digital home buying platform that saves time and money for San Diego buyers. By partnering with Prevu, buyers get access to listings and home buying tools on any device at any time of the day.

Many buyers do not know about home buyer commission rebates, but the concept is simple. Real estate brokers provide a percentage of their commission to new homeowners after buying a home. Traditionally, once a listing broker sells a home, they receive a 6% commission based on the sale price and share half with the buyer’s broker. 

Prevu provides the largest commission rebate in San Diego, passing along up to two-thirds of the buyer’s agent commission to homebuyers. For instance, if a buyer closes on a $1,350,000 home in Coronado with a Prevu agent, they stand to receive a commission rebate totaling up to 2% of the purchase price, or $27,000.

In addition to securing cash back at closing, San Diego buyers are paired with a local Prevu agent who helps navigate the entire purchase process. Powerful online tools with full-service expertise

Most people take pride in researching products before buying, and the same rings true in real estate. New and experienced buyers alike want online platforms where they have greater control and transparency to browse listings and refine their home buying goals.  Prevu provides San Diego buyers with the Smart Buyer Platform, allowing users to explore listings and collaborate digitally with expert agents. By entering the ideal size, style, and home location, buyers can get automated property alerts to stay up-to-date on the San Diego market. They then can request tours, message with their agent, make offers, and securely upload any needed documents through the Prevu platform. 

Consumers want online buying experiences, but purchasing a home is usually done face-to-face between brokers. Prevu provides buyers with local experts that step in when a buyer is ready to tour homes and begin making offers. This way, buyers feel no pressure in their search and get expert representation in the critical final miles of the transaction.  Interested in buying a home in San Diego? Browse listings and see how much you can save with Prevu’s Smart Buyer Rebate. 

Prevu Real Estate, Inc. is a licensed real estate broker in California, license number 02134758.