Schmitt claims to change the new order of St. Mary’s mask. Louis County | Politics

  Schmitt claims to change the new order of St. Mary's mask.  Louis County |  Politics

In August, after weeks of criticism and debate, Days and Webb joined Councilwomen Lisa Clancy, D-5th District, and Kelli Dunaway, D-2nd District, in approving a nonbinding resolution supporting a mask requirement. The county issued a new mask mandate, and county judge lifted the temporary restraining order. 

The new mask order approved Tuesday was supported by all four council Democrats; Republicans objected, arguing it violated state law. 

Story Highlights

  • Schmitt, who had sued to block the order, cited the vote in court to win a temporary restraining order blocking the county from strenuously enforcing a mask requirement. 

  • The county ultimately rescinded the mask order Dec. 9 after the Cole County ruling, which came in a 2020 lawsuit by a St. Louis-area resident, a restaurant and a church challenging health regulations like occupancy limits. Schmitt, who defended the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in the lawsuit, had declined to appeal the ruling despite the agency’s urging, and sent schools and governments cease-and-desist letters demanding they lift health regulations.