School district welcomes new athletics coach | News, Sports, Jobs

  School district welcomes new athletics coach |  News, Sports, Jobs

She has left her formal role as Warren County School District athletic trainer, tendering her resignation in October.

Shene was introduced to the school board as the trainer in 2005. At that point, she was not a district employee. The district and Warren General Hospital had an agreement to provide the trainer, Weber said.

For the next few years, the board occasionally talked about bringing back the position.

Budget cuts hit the trainer position in 2010 or 2011, Supervisor of District-Wide Athletics Rick Gignac said.

Story Highlights

  • For most of the last 15 years, Andrea Shene has been a familiar and comforting presence at Warren County sporting events.

  • “Can’t say enough about Andrea and her commitment to the WCSD athletic programs,” Director of Administrative Support Services Gary Weber said. “She will be missed.”

Dollars became less of an obstacle.

“We need to continue to work with Highmark,” Weber said. “We get a grant from them. They’ve been awesome to work with, in providing that grant annually that allows us to sustain that position.”

The board approved a trainer position — as a district employee– in 2016. Shene got the job. There is a public side to the work. The trainer is expected to attended practices and games to be available to evaluate and treat injuries. Shene couldn’t attend them all — there are regularly multiple events going on at the same time in different locations, but she was expected to be at as many as possible.

“We didn’t have a lot of discussion with Andrea because she was out and about in the 800 square miles of the district,” Weber said. The district would prioritize the kinds of events that involve high-impact, but, injuries can occur anywhere, in any sport. “They’re always available for emergency situations,” Weber said.

Those practice and game responsibilities would be the bulk of a full-time job, but there is much more that the trainer does that the public doesn’t see. Shene was involved in the rehabilitation of student athletes recovering from injuries. She was the liaison between students and the medical community.

On Monday, the board approved Renwick as the district’s next athletic trainer. The 2004 Warren Area High School graduate earned a bachelor’s degree from Mercyhurst University and a master’s from California University of Pennsylvania.

Those duties will now fall on the shoulders of Dane Renwick. And, she was expected to prevent injuries. Shene worked with teams and individuals with their strength training programs. She was involved in hydration testing in wrestling, baseline concussion testing in many sports.